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New feature: Lists to organize your movies

We are happy to introduce the new module at FilmGator - Lists.

These are collection of movies that you would like to have in one place. It can be your most favorite movies, or collections based on actors, or by year, or … it’s not limited by your imagination.

It’s easy to add a movie to the list, on the movie page just press ‘Add to my list’, and you can choose either one of your existing lists, or create a new list, just giving it the title, optionally the description, and indicating whether it is has specific order or not.

There are already pregenerated lists, such as FilmGator’s TOP movies, or IMDb 250, or the most waited movies. We can expand them more, and they are updated every day.

In the future we are planning to expand more settings to the lists module, such as being able to comment them, or possibility to make lists private, or add collaborators, so more people can manage the list. The list will be found also via search.

Any suggestions? Please send them to

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Import from IMDb

So.. here it is - now it is possible to import your ratings from IMDb. There are two options how to do that:

  1. You can enter you IMDb user number, which usually appears in the browsers’ address bar of your ratings list. The user number starts with “ur" (for e.g. ur000000). By this number we will make an initial import of the ratings, and everyday we will check, whether you have entered new ratings. You have to make your ratings list visible to public.
  2. Or you can import your ratings by uploading the CSV file. This is useful if you want just an initial import of ratings, or your ratings on IMDb are not visible to public.

Both options you can find and configure when you are logged in, in the Settings menu. At some point it will be possible to import your watchlists too.

In upcoming future we are going to concentrate on bringing back the recommendation module.

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Trailers & Recommendations

It’s seems that it’s time to update you with what is going on with FilmGator right now:

  1. Most of the movies are being updated, filling missing information about actors and posters. It’s almost done with current movies, next - new movies will be constantly added.
  2. The new feature is…. trailers. You can see an example of the movie Runner Runner, the trailer right under the poster. Every day plenty of trailers will be added to the existing movies.
  3. Temporarily disabled Recommended feature. It needs to be updated to run faster. It will be brought back in the near future.

That’s all for now, keep enjoying movies, rating, adding them to timeline. Don’t forget to put to-be-watched movies to the watchlist. And you may also find it fun to write a review, if you think that it will be useful for others to know.

In case you have suggestions to FilmGator, do not hesitate to write a letter to

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Upcoming changes

We are ready to announce about some upcoming changes and improvements at our portal. Since we are supposed to be a social movie rating portal - we will try to improve this by adding more social features.

Soon it will be possible to connect your profile with Facebook, more easy log in process and more easy signup procedures.

We are also thinking of importing your ratings from IMDb or other movie rating portals, so you can always have up-to-date ratings and better recommendations of what to watch next.

TV Series, were you missing support of them at FilmGator? It will be added too.

To make the portal more personal, you can now provide your name and surname. You can do it in Settings.

Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, so you can quickly get the news about the new features and start using them immediately.

We are also open to any new suggestions, which you may be missing here. Just write us a letter to

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A new feature, Speedrating, has surfaced on FilmGator. Speedrating makes rating movies in the “Movies” -screen smooth and effortless. You don’t have to go to the movie’s own page anymore to rate it - instead, you can click and rate away straight from the movie list.

Another update makes it easier to browse through your movie recommendations list. Now you can jump directly to different pages with the help of a navigation tool.

Thanks to digitaltsunami and DebLipp for feedback regarding speedrating and evanomics for writing to us about the recommendation list.

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FilmGator is getting some media coverage

What an exciting week! It started off with FilmGator getting some attention in the popular startup blog You can check the piece out by following this link. Don’t forget to give your vote as well, so FilmGator will rise to prominence in the top lists of the blog.

So then yesterday we got a heads up that a piece on FilmGator would be published in the Nation edition of The Thrillist, "a subscription-based email newsletter and website catering to male, urban professionals in their twenties and thirties". Joe McGauley, the editor for the Nation edition who contacted us about the piece, told us that the newsletter itself reaches hundreds of thousands of people - and in addition to that, the piece was also published at their website. A link to this piece can be found here.

Already in November ‘09 a Finnish/Northern European startup blog ArcticStartup also wrote a piece titled "FilmGator - The For Movies". Link here.

So what does this mean? It means we’re picking up pace. Getting some traction in the public eye is great and it means we’ll be able to tune the service to aid more and more people find answers to questions such as “What are people actually watching?” and.. "What should I watch?".

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What should I watch?

Now that we have been maintaining our personal movie timelines, it’s finally time to reap the rewards. From now on, the data you store (or have already stored) in FilmGator will be processed in order to provide you with suggestions and recommendations for movies that might match your movie taste.

And remember: the more movies you rate, the better the algorithm will fine tune the recommendations to fit your personal taste.

Go on, try it out. Click on the new top menu link “Recommended” and get started.. and find movies worth watching.

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We are in public beta!

FilmGator has today entered the public beta phase of their development and is thus coming out of stealth mode. The core functionality of the service is now implemented and ready for use. Previous experiences have shown that the service concept works well and that it appeals to various types of users.

Now that the main framework is in place, we wish to expose the service to a broader audience to better answer the question “What are people watching?”

FilmGator is a personal movie service focusing on providing useful online tools for everyone who enjoys movies. In exchange for using FilmGator to keep track of their movie watching history, users are assisted in the discovery of new movies worth watching, in sharing their movie experiences with their friends and in better understanding their own movie taste.

FilmGator tracks movie watching history with user-specific timelines. Users’ timelines are the core of the service. In the future, FilmGator will enhance its integration with various social networking services for seamless sharing of movie experiences.

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Tagging along

Tags are a wonderful way to convey information in a simple and compact form. When quickly browsing through movies and trying to find something to watch, half a dozen well thought and descriptive tags can really make a difference when adding them up with the normally used criterion of lead actors, themes, posters etc.

In the future, tags can also help us categorize movies better and refine the analysis of a user’s taste and thus allow more and better personalized content.

So, adding tags to movies is now possible when you add a movie to your timeline. The tags appear on the movie page in weighted order and appearance reflecting the popularity of tags used.

Please remember these guidelines when adding tags:

  • Separate with commas
  • Only singular forms
  • Only nouns
  • In English only
  • Preferably 1-2 words per tag
  • No genres
  • No actors, directors nor other makers

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Change is in the air

The first post of our reopened blog comes with exciting news! After an intense period of development, we are glad to unveil FilmGator's new visual look. And it's essential to note that the updates are not merely skin-deep. The upgrade comes with a bunch of new features:

  • New “movies” -page, which will provide the user with a unique and intuitive movie listing tool. Scale your search by clicking on the desired genre and use the slider to specify the range of years.
  • Users -section, where anyone can see the activity feed of FilmGator and the most active movie timelines.
  • Top List - where users can see their rating statistics. If you can’t remember the movies you have rated with 10 stars, this is where you go.
  • Watch List - where you can keep a list of movies you definitely need to see. So the next time you’re browsing through movie listings and find a few interesting ones, forget post-it notes, just click on the +Watchlist -button under the movie poster.

The official launch date is getting closer. Don’t forget to visit us - between movies.